Managing Citizen Needs


HORNE has delivered rapid responses to solve operational challenges in states across the USA and surrounding territories for more than 14 years. As states respond to the new tasks needed to offer critical support services to citizens,  


We can come alongside you offering:


Citizens Helping Citizens

Our model hires and trains local citizens to provide emergency support. Ask us how we can put more dollars back in your economy.

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HORNE provided the following emergency services for a state labor agency:

Launched training within 8 hours of contract

Launched full scale contact center technology within 48 hours

On-boarded 100+ team members in less than 48 hours

Launched all operations to serve the client in 3 business days

24-hour Response Time 

We mobilize to support your needs within 24-hours of being issued a Notice to Proceed. We have delivered this same single day response in Mississippi, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Virgin Islands, South Carolina, Puerto Rico, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas. 

Call Center Operations 

HORNE was hired by a state unemployment agency which experienced a 600% increase in workload and unemployment claim filings.


In less than one week, we deployed full-service call center operations tripling the capacity of the agency team and initiated robotic process automation which decreased the claim processing time by 250%.


Tasks that previously required days will now only take minutes drastically improving service to the citizens who needed it the most.

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Deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA)  

RPA gives organizations superhuman powers, multiplying their productivity, accuracy, and cost-efficiency by orders of magnitude. Machines and humans will need to work together to make any process truly efficient, and Robotic Process Automation ensures this happens. RPA automates repetitive processes in workplaces allowing for greater accuracy and compliance.


Expenses are Eligible for Reimbursement 

Our team of subject matter experts are well-versed in the regulations and on call to provide you necessary guidance in assessing eligible costs under the CARES Act.  This guidance is a crucial tool in allowing States to fully evaluate  eligible expenditures under the CARES Act so that states can maximize their allocation in an efficient, compliant manner with the goal of reducing the risk of claw back by the federal government.

Expenditures related to technology investments and staff augmentation due to the unprecedented demand on state agencies are eligible for reimbursement under the Coronavirus Relief Fund (Title VI of the CARES Act).