HORNE has over 14 years in federal funding compliance, oversight, and monitoring. Our team includes experts on fraud, waste and abuse who have helped design the standard operating procedures and processes we use to manage federal funding programs. 

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COVID-19 FEMA Compliance 

HORNE is actively supporting state agencies execution of FEMA’s new Streamlined Application Process and FEMA Category B eligible COVID-19 costs. Additionally, we are supplying database and web-form capabilities to expedite supply chain intake and allow for real-time reporting.

In the last decade, HORNE has supported compliance for grantees and subrecipients across eleven states with


The Government Accountability Office recognized our technology and document management procedures on three separate occasions as a best practice.

Continually Monitoring Regulatory Guidance 

Our team of experts in Washington D.C. are continually monitoring the federally issued guidance and regulatory changes. Our insight and understanding of the regulations allow us to anticipate future guidance and help you proactively plan for tomorrow.

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Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 10.26.17

100% Compliance 

In our 14-year history of implementing large federal programs for our clients, we have 100% compliance with all federal regulations.